Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Quick One

Surveying the gravel pit from on top of the mound that is our mini-hill

I had only a little time before Easter dinner, but took Red out for a quick ride.  We did the trails across the road, about a mile in length but with mostly good firm footing that I like to canter.  He is barefoot while I wait for my new boots to come, so we are somewhat restricted on where we can ride. There is a sandy section in the middle that we have to walk because some creature (a badger maybe?) digs huge holes and I REALLY don't want a horse to step in one.  There is also an old metal can that requires a long look or two every time we pass it.  Today, the frogs were so loud that Red had to stop & identify the noise before he would continue past the little pond.  

The trail across the road

We popped out of the trail onto the access road to the gravel pit and took a quick swing down into the pit, disturbing a large number of bald eagles.  We saw the pair of sand hill cranes (they've been back about a week now) in the field on the way home, and ended our 3 mile, 30 minute ride happy.

Kelso resting in the car after running with us

Red's friend Rusty was waiting for us at the gate

Red telling Rusty all about our little adventure

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