Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The One Day I Forget My Camera...

Rhio & I did a quick 6 miles down Arnold Rd to the county gravel pit, up & down the gravel pit mound, and around the trails to the south of the pit - all of which we did twice - then home via the trails out back.  It's a nice little loop.  Rhio was happy to move out and we spent a lot of time in our favorite gait - the canter.  I don't like to canter on the road too much due to the excessive concussion - for Rhio's feet & legs, and also for me on the rare occasion that I land on it unexpectedly!  The trails were in good shape except for a few soggy spots.

I didn't bring my camera, however, as I was expecting a short ride.  On our first trip up the gravel pit mound, we crested the top to see a big mature bald eagle sitting on top of the neighboring mound, probably about 50 feet away.  She was just sitting there, completely unconcerned about us.  She would look around, then down at her feet (or something she had in her talons?  I couldn't tell.)  Rhio & I sat there for several minutes just enjoying our proximity to such a big, beautiful bird.

Rhio also got his first hosing off of the season after our ride, removing at least a little of the grunge from the winter.  We had a sunny gorgeous 60+ degree day with a warm south wind, so I figured getting him wet wasn't a bad plan.  He doesn't particularly care for hosing, but he's pretty good about it.  Luckily we have warm water in our hose.  Of course, seeing my lovely gray horse shining white is already a distant memory, as he immediately dropped & rolled in the dirt as soon as he got back to his pasture.  Before & after photos would have been appropriate.

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