Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Little Ponies

Needing a break from paperwork and organizing, I dressed warmly for the icy wind off the lake (though the thermometer read a respectable 27 degrees, it didn't feel that warm!) and headed to the barn to visit the boys.  I am desperate to ride, but the footing is just not safe.  So I suffer along as best I can, dreaming of the first long trotting ride of the year.  In past years, that has usually happened at least once in February - not so this year!

Despite the still-wintry weather, the horses are definitely shedding their fuzzy coats.  The trigger for shedding, and for growing their coat in the late summer, is the changing amount of daylight.  I actually try not to groom them too much right now, since they still have plenty of cold weather to endure.  But, sometimes, a girl's just gotta play with her ponies and spend some time making them beautiful.  There's nothing like combing out manes and tails, and currying up a cloud of hair (make sure to stay upwind of the horse you're working on, though - helps keep your eyes, nose, and throat relatively horse-hair free), for mental therapy.

I didn't take any "before" pics, and other than Rhio's wind knots in his mane (now smoothed and braided), there really isn't a lot of visual change.  But I had my hands on my ponies, drinking in their delicious aroma, and soothing my soul just a bit (it's a mite ragged on the edges with too little horse time in general.)

The consequences of wearing anything polarfleece around shedding horses. 

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  1. nothing like getting one's hand buried in a thick wonter coat to feed the soul..I understand how you are feeling but we have been fortunate with a mild winter here in MT.Noneless, our icey footing still keeps us from doing anything much right now. I have my mare boarded right now so I can use the arena.It's been a nice escape . I love your little barn.What I would give to have one of those!