Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Saturday, March 9, 2013

How is it possible...

For one woman with two horses to have so much STUFF???  Tomorrow Red and Rhio are moving to a new boarding barn, and today I spent several hours attempting to sort, organize, and cart to storage much of my horse paraphernalia.  There were 3 Subaru loads of it, not counting what's going to the new barn and the big dome-top trunk which doesn't even fit in the Subaru (thank you, G, for helping me haul it with your truck!).  I have been very, very lucky in that the last two places I've boarded had ample storage for my growing pile of stuff.  As an endurance rider, I have at least two of everything...for each horse.  And there have been rides where I needed more than two of everything, usually because of rain and everything getting wet.  But where does one store all these duplicates when they are not in use?  Just the number of blankets, sheets, and coolers alone is staggering.  Oh, and don't get me started on buckets.  I don't even know how many buckets I have.  Then, there's all the supplies and medications I have on hand to do my own vet work - two bins of that.  And the list goes on.

In preparation for a new barn, and to attempt to streamline their meals, both boys are going onto new supplements.  Red will be a "fancy horse," and will be getting Smart Paks.  This is a clever, convenient way to order supplements, in which they come packaged in a strip of wells, each well containing the various powders and pellets you've selected for your horse.  Whomever is feeding needs to simply pull the top off the strip of wells for the day, and dump into the feed bucket.  Red will be getting a senior horse vitamin-mineral supplement (pelleted, because he won't eat what Rhio will be getting...just to make life difficult!), MSM for his hocks, and plain salt.  This is essentially what he is currently getting, but instead of doling out a scoop o' this and a scoop o' that each day, it'll be just rip and dump.  Easy!  I'm not thrilled about the premium price I pay for this convenience, but I think streamlining feeding for the new barn owner will be worth it.  Rhio will be getting a granular vitamin-mineral-Omega 3 supplement (the one Red won't eat), plus his antacid, and a fat supplement.  It'll still be scoop-and-dump from a big bucket for him, but hopefully it won't be too much trouble.

Now, if today's winter weather (mostly snow, but some periods of drizzly rain) will hurry up and stop, so the roads will be good and clear tomorrow for hauling, I would be grateful!
Rhio taste-tests his new supplement (it's a winner!  He licked the bowl clean.)

Red's fancy drawer, which came filled with his individual servings of his supplements.

My corner of the tack room, filled with my stuff (it's a lot - but at least it's fairly organized and contained in bins and drawers!)

What's left after hauling most to storage.  It looks so empty! 

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