Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Dollar

A week ago, Gesa and I went for a soggy ride around home, after Rhio and Paco got shoes put on.  (ahem...do you recall that post about fitting boots?  I'll explain in my next post.)  It was actually really fun, despite the rain, and we did about 9 miles by riding our loop "around the block" twice.  I did get friction rubs on my legs, though, from wet tights meeting wet saddle - that part wasn't so fun.  What was strange about that ride, however, was finding a dollar bill impaled on a small branch of a tree right next to the trail we take as part of our loop.  And what's even more strange: we rode this trail twice that day, and neither of us noticed the dollar on our first time through, but it was pretty obvious to us on the second pass, hanging soggy and bedraggled on the tree.  Weird.  Was someone else out there on trail in the rain?  Was it there the first time and neither of us saw it?  Why would someone hang it on the tree instead of pocketing it?  Is it a message of some kind to someone?

This trail is really a connection between two parts of the same road, which was never put through, I presume because of the steep hill which would have to be conquered to do so.  The locals use it via foot, horseback, ATV, and snowmobile, to get from one side to the other - it's probably about 3/4 mile in length.  Although we see evidence of others using the trail, I've never actually seen anyone on it.

We left the dollar where it was, and rode home, pondering.

Yesterday, Red and I went out for a casual circuit of the loop "around the block," to enjoy the nice weather - and, guess what?  That dollar was still there.  This time I had my camera.  I still left it where it was.

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