Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Saturday, April 14, 2012

17 Years Young!

Happy Birthday to my Red boy - 17 today!  I bought him when he was 7 - hard to believe we've been together for 10 years.

He has adjusted well to living at Gesa's and seems very happy.  He always whinnies to me and comes over when I show up - for a scratch, a treat, or to stick his head in his halter.  Today was his day, after watching us leave in the trailer yesterday with Rhio and Paco (he is fine staying behind with Sefi and Gimi, but he did seem to want to go), and despite the oncoming rain, we saddled up in the late afternoon.

He was eager to go and moving out readily, not minding the on-again, off-again rain, even when we turned around and had it blowing into our faces.  He felt great today!  I am surprised, and sort of "waiting for the other shoe to drop," as they say, since he's had sore hocks the past 2 years and has had to be injected for them each spring.  He has continued on Adequan, an injectable joint protectant, but I did expect to have to "do his hocks" again.  So far, not an off step!  He certainly feels years younger than 17, and I wish I had the opportunity to compete him again,  but taking him to rides just isn't in the cards right now (2 horse trailer, both spots spoken for...).

After our 9 mile ride, he got his birthday treat - a bag of baby carrots all to himself (and then some relaxing in his stall with a pile of hay and a fuzzy cooler on to dry off, while we warmed ourselves with hot cocoa and pizza).

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