Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anxiety Alleviated!

Today was wonderful.  The sun was shining gloriously down on the blindingly white snow expanses, but it was warm enough to be softening, condensing, collapsing, and squishing itself away into the parched (and still frozen, of course) earth.  We really do need the moisture.

But beyond the weather, all was well with the horses!  I went out around lunchtime and "snuck" up to see what was going on, who was where, etc.  Here's what I saw:
Rhio and Red are buddying up on their respective sides of the fence!

Got treats?
To give Red some freedom, I put Paco, Gimi, and Sefi in their stalls with hay for an hour, and put Red into the pasture with Rhio.  They acted like long-lost brothers, taking a tour around, then eating hay together, then taking another tour, then eating hay again.  I sat on a bucket in the sunshine and just enjoyed them.
Ah, a little trot through the snow!

Hmm, you check that way and I'll check this way.

Let's eat!
(apologies for my filthy horse)
To put everyone back out, I transferred Belle the pony to the paddock, put Red in the round pen where she'd been for the day (she's on a restricted diet so can't be out all the time just for portion control), then turned everyone else out into the pasture.  The round pen is in the pasture, so this way Red was "in the herd" but still separated.  Zero issues!  Everyone was happy, and I went on my way not at all worried. Yay!

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