Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Monday, August 23, 2010

Many Levels of Frustration

Getting ready for a solo ride today, I discovered that both of the Renegade boots I used on Rhio's fronts are beginning to split at the outer edge where the sole meets the sides - and his left front, uninjured, hoof is quite a lot larger now than it apparently used to be.  It has been a very wet summer, and I wonder if this has contributed to hoof softness, and therefore flaring.  I can see some flaring, but I would think with religious every-three-weeks trimming, this should be totally under control!  I did a little rasping but had to use Red's Epic on the left front.  I will be happy to put Rhio back into shoes next summer - the boots aren't working all that great for us :(  

Rhio was extremely reluctant to leave, and all the extra time working on feet & boots, meant we weren't headed down the road until close to noon - hot sun blazing down, humidity at 74% (stifling), and an unhappy horse didn't bode well for our ride.  Rhio was dragging his feet, literally and figuratively, and my frustration level crept up with each stride.  

View of hayfields along the southern portion of Church Rd.

Church Road's namesake church.

At a snail's pace, we made it to Church Road.  Hoping to encourage him by varying our normal route, we turned left instead of right.  This route takes us along an avenue of fruit trees, currently laden with ripe apples, crab apples, and some type of cherry (I think).  We enjoyed the view, turned around at the church, and stopped for a freshly-picked apple treat (Rhio says yum!).  Of course, going home made the reluctant Rhio raring to go and instead of toe-dragging and urging, I had cantering forwardness.  Ah, Rhio!   

Yummy apples.

Post-ride boot cleaning. 

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