Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Roads, or Trails?

It's not been the greatest summer for riding - busy and buggy beyond belief.  I've had a few memorable rides, and a lot of just good time spent with my horses and my friends.  We haven't competed in over a year, since May 2013.  But that all changes next weekend!  Rhio and I will be doing the 50 miler at Thistle Down Run in Frazee, MN and spending a weekend together that is all-girl and all-horse. I cannot wait! 
Ripe thimble berries - yum!
This morning we snuck in a quick ride on our own, snacking on grass (Rhio) and ripe, luscious thimble berries (me) along our route.  And I discovered something interesting - I have always thought that he is particularly pokey and unmotivated when riding away from home, alone.  And I have chalked that attitude up to the fact that he much prefers to have companions when we ride.  However, today, when given the option to turn around for home (staying on the road) or turn away from home (heading onto the trail) - he picked the trail, and positively flew down it with his mane and tail floating in the breeze. 

I have always known that Rhio gets bored.  And his current boarding situation actually gives us the fewest options for riding from home.  We use the road A LOT!  So he's bored with it and can't really be bothered to move his feet.  But give him something relatively new, and a trail, and he's bringing his "A game."  What a fun ride we had! 

Deer flies were still present in abundance in the woods, unfortunately, and my available time was short, but we had a great time on our last "tune up" ride before next Saturday.  I brought my girth and pad home to wash, and am planning time tomorrow to get ride stuff organized and ready to go.  I hope I remember what to pack (and I hope I can find it)!

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