Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Monday, January 13, 2014


It's been incredibly windy (as C. says - welcome to living on the east side of the Rockies) - gusts over 50 mph for multiple days now.  We even attempted to go running this morning (out of sheer desperation to get out of the house), and there were portions where I could barely stand upright, much less move forward.  Yikes.  Obviously I haven't been able to ride in this weather, either, and both Rhio and I are suffering for it.  He still lives in his run at the new place (no one has moved their horse out of the pasture herd yet, so we are still waiting for a spot to open up for him) and he is doing incredibly well with it - better than I could have predicted.  Every day I head over in the afternoon to get him out of the run to "do something" - it is not a ride nearly often enough, but handwalking along the road, a quick roundpen session, or free time in the outdoor arena is our usual when we can't ride, plus of course a nice grooming session, a roll in the sand of the round pen, and a big tub of beet pulp mash.  (Side note: today he did not get to finish his beet pulp, as the wind picked up his heavy rubber tub and flung it willy-nilly across the barnyard!)  He loves his neighbors - Hunter the Thoroughbred (good for playing bite-your-face games) and Lady the pinto (good for a nice mutual withers scratching) - and has his own shed and automatic waterer.  He's figured out how to keep his run relatively orderly, mostly pooping in one spot (good boy!), and clearly lays down to rest (one of his favorite activities) regularly, judging by the mud on his coat and the scrapes on his hocks from lying on the bare dirt (this isn't the best feature of his run, admittedly).  Being such a social and active horse, I am surprised and very pleased with how content he is with his confinement.

But, I digress - today I had my phone in my pocket when we trekked out to the outdoor arena for some free exercise (it's out in the pasture).  Along with the video above, taken after he'd settled in quite a bit and quit the rearing, bucking, and kicking he'd started his "zoomies" with, here are the following still shots reflecting not only his boundless energy, good spirits, athleticism, and presence (everyone thinks he's a much bigger horse than he is!), but the degree of windiness (check out the flying mane and tail).  I am so blessed to be partnered with this incredible horse - he is truly a gift.  He never fails to bring a smile to my face and lift my spirits - the power of a horse!

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