Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Almost Three Months

Rhio has been here in Colorado with me for almost three months now.  In that time, he's lived in two different spots and we have not yet ridden the same trail twice.  We rode in the Snowy Range in Wyoming, on national forest land at 8000' elevation in Colorado, and closer to home - at multiple state and county parks in the Fort Collins area.  We've ridden out down the road alone, faced down scary dairy cows (and, today - scary baby calves) and ignored school buses trying to pass us on a bridge.  We've ridden out with new friends, climbed big ascents, and stared out across sweeping vistas.  We've met fellow endurance riders, trail riders, bike riders, hikers, and runners.  He's jumped in strange trailers, crossed unfamiliar bridges, and survived the big flood in September without a fuss.  It certainly makes my life a whole lot richer to have him here, and certainly to have horses period makes my life richer. In this month of giving thanks, I am thankful for the moments I have with my horses and my horse friends, the memories I have made, and the world I've been lucky enough to see between my horse's ears. 

Rails to Trails trail in Wyoming - 22 miles round trip (we actually crossed into Colorado)

Looking for elk off-trail on the Wyoming rails to trails ride (in the company of fellow endurance rider J and his mount)

In the lead as the fall colors start - rails to trails in WY

At home in his first pasture - across the street from our house

Lady Moon trails, national forest land at 8000' elevation

Lady Moon Meadow

an old logging road at Lady Moon

One of the things I loved best about having him across the street was our evening time together - he got to feed his stomach, and I got to feed my soul.

Riding around our local "lake" - Watson Lake - which is really a reservoir (and is now closed due to flood damage)

The pedestrian trail at Watson Lake (this is about 1/2 mile from our house)

Pasture across the street

A ride on local roads - acting as mobile aid station for one of C's long runs.  These horses were afraid of us!

More road riding

Sassy pants

Happy duo after our 22 mile rails to trails ride (his longest ride since our last 50 in May!)
Running in his new pasture (to get away from the bully, who banged him up a bit but who he doesn't live with anymore, so that's good!)

A grazing break after a full day's adventure in Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park (with our good buddies K and Pippin)

looking at Arthur's Rock in Horsetooth Mountain Park

Riding the gravel roads around his new boarding place just north of Fort Collins
After we'd gone up, and up, and up on our Lory State Park - Horsetooth Mountain Park loop

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  1. I cannot wait to ride with you guys!! He is such a cutie!