Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ice, All Ice!

You know, I live here for a reason - it is NOT SUPPOSED TO RAIN IN DECEMBER!!!  We had a promising start to the winter season, with several pleasant snows, and the city even began grooming the cross-country ski trails.  And then last weekend  happened.  It rained.  All weekend.  It stayed about 32 Fahrenheit.  All weekend.  It wrecked absolutely everything wonderful about winter.  Grrrr!!!

Needless to say, riding is an impossibility at the moment.  The ice layer over everything makes footing dangerous (though, I have purchased studs for my Easy boots - need to install those and try them out for traction!), and the horses are shuffling around the pasture coping with it.  We pray for snow.

In the meantime, I have not yet told the stories of my November riding adventures, and need to relive them now for purely selfish reasons.

November in our area comes with the firearm deer season.  The woods are full of hunters, and, I'm sorry to say, I just don't trust them to know the difference between my pony and a deer.  I know they only get two weeks a year, and I get the other 50.  But, the weather was SO nice in early November!!!
So, D. and I loaded up and hauled to Spirit Mountain twice.  Being city property, only licensed/permitted archery hunters are allowed and we deemed it safe to ride.  What a jewel we have so close to home!  It's really a shame that we don't head over there to ride more often.

Deer Season Ride 1: November 5, 2012

Rhio was still shod, as was D.'s mare, and so we were free to explore the abandoned railroad bed.  I used to live just down the hill from it, and walked the dogs on it several times per week.  This trail will eventually become official Duluth horse trail and will be greatly improved, but for now it remains a mostly-forgotten and definitely neglected thoroughfare.  The locals use it for hiking, dog walking, mountain biking, riding, and, in the winter, snowmobiles.  Non-locals don't even know it's there!  As a railroad bed, it's on the straight and narrow, but the inexorable creep of nature and the major flooding in June have remodeled and reshaped the trail into a nearly-unrecognizable path.  The footing remains sharp limestone (?) gravel in many places, and I am glad to ride a short horse ducking beneath some of the overhanging trees.  The views of the St. Louis River can't be beat, and it really feels like you are alone out there.  This day, we traversed as far as the tunnel and then reversed for home.  After climbing the hill up to Skyline Parkway, we let the horses stretch out into their big trots and travelled along to the scenic overlook.  From there, we continued west/south until intersecting with trail that would loop around and bring us back to the access point to get back to the trailer.  Any good ride I can get in November is icing on the cake, and this was no exception.

Picking our way carefully down to the railroad grade.

The entrance to the tunnel (Rhio has actually been through this tunnel in the past.)

D. and Secret

Do our horses enjoy the view as we do?

Looking down river toward the bay, and eventually the lake.

Yep, we're decked out in our blaze orange even though it is only archery hunters here.

Ah, contemplation.

Deer Season Ride 2: November 17, 2012

I was lucky enough to return to Spirit Mountain near the end of deer season, this time riding Red.  Being barefoot, and still missing one boot from our ordeal in October, D. lent me the 4th boot I needed for a complete set and off we went to explore.  This day, we stuck to trail and went to visit some of the best overlooks in the area.  It was a gorgeous Saturday, and so we saw other folks out and about enjoying the beauty and sunshine.  Red and Secret got along well, which is notable since Secret has a weird dislike for Red, for some reason.  They had no arguments this day, however, and D. and I just enjoyed ourselves, without any agenda.  Perhaps I don't do that often enough with my horses - I am always thinking about mileage, and pace, and conditioning in the back of my head.

Yum - a bit o' grass!

Through the trees - the river and the bay. (And there are blueberries here in July!)

The chestnuts enjoy the trail together.

Late fall bare trees.

My boy Red!

Now it is a month later, December 17, and I have only be astride once since our trip to Spirit Mountain - and that for about 20 minutes of walking around the outside of the pasture.  I do love winter - my heart thrills to enjoy snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and other cold weather snow pleasures - but when conditions aren't favorable for that, I chaff at being kept on the ground and not riding.  Thank goodness I have been very busy with other parts of my life - but the lack of riding is starting to show!  I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder - I have Sans Adequate Distance (horseback) disorder!!!

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