Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Storm Damage

I rode Candy's horse Windsor (over 5000 career miles in competition!  Wow!) today for a little jaunt around Spirit Mountain.  The flood back in June did a lot of damage to the road and trails here, and it was an interesting tour. 

I haven't ridden an unfamiliar horse in a while, and Windsor gave me a great ride.  He is definitely taller than my boys, but I was able to mount from the ground, just barely.  Oddly enough, Spirit Mountain has significantly fewer flies than anywhere else I ride around Duluth.  I can't figure out why that would be - there is certainly plenty of low land and water.

Viewing the washed out stone bridge from Windsor's back.

Tracy on Strike and Candy on Annie
We encountered several washed out culverts, and a major obstacle in a wooden bridge which has been washed away.  Our local equestrian trails group is going to fix that wooden bridge at our August trail work day.  The road is closed from Candy's end due to the washed out stone bridge, and many areas of the road bed are reduced to a skinny single lane in the middle with deep washouts on both sides.  We still saw a few other users - a mushroom collector/dog walker (he had a mesh bag of chanterelles at his waist band - being the sister of a mycologist, I couldn't help but notice) and a couple enjoying the view from the overlook. 

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