Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I always celebrate my birthday with a ride.  More specifically, I ride Red, my first horse.  Being that my birthday is in January, this is frequently a very short ride due to weather conditions.  This year, I was able to ride as long as I wanted and we wandered around all over the farm trails, neighbor's trails and hayfield, and the other's neighbor's gravel pit.  Kelso and Killian accompanied us, and we had a grand time.  See the story below in photo essay form.

The cows observing us on our way back to the trails.

Whee!  Killian and Kelso are so happy to be running off leash.

Checking out some of the trails that Dave has been using to get wood.

We are being stalked by a wild beast!  Oh, never mind...just Killian's shadow. 

Crossing the hay field toward the frozen bit of swamp that we can utilize to get to the neighbor's gravel pit.

In the gravel pit.

Red's a little afraid of these stumps.  Every time we see them.  You'd think he'd get over it. 

My crazy set up, because I'd forgotten his bit at home.  I attached my reins to the noseband of his rope halter instead of knotting the permanently attached leadrope back on itself.  It looked ridiculous, but it seemed to give me more control than when the "reins" are the leadrope attached under his chin.  He didn't like it much when I held him back, though, and tossed his head (not used to pressure on his nose.) 

Carol took our picture after our ride!  (I am a little overdressed - it was 33!)

He's searching my pockets for treats.

After his post-ride drink, just making sure there aren't any more treats. 

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