Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sefi's First Adventure

On Wednesday Gesa brought Paco & her 2 1/2 year old homebred filly Sefi up to the farm.  It was Sefi's second trailer ride (the first being just "around the block") and first time to go somewhere away from home.   Upon arrival, she was perfectly calm standing in the trailer, unloaded unconcernedly, and looked around with interest.  She walked right into the barn, went into a stall, and started munching on hay like she did this every day.  We put Cricket in the stall next to her for comfort, and they sniffed noses through the bars.

After creating a carpet of shedding horse hair around Paco & Rhio, we tacked up & headed into the indoor with the boys for a little schooling work.  Sefi was whinnying for Paco intermittently, but Paco was losing his marbles over being separated from Sefi.  I guess it kind of backfired to bring the older, more experienced horse to be a good influence on the young one!

We rode for about half hour (Rhio did well and ignored the commotion that Paco was stirring up, though we are still really struggling with the right lead canter) and then I put Rhio in the barn and brought Sefi into the indoor for some free play with Paco.  It was also the first time Sefi has ever been in an indoor arena!  I don't think she knew she could run around at first, and she was very interested in the mirrors.  Once we got them free lunging a little, Sefi started bucking, playing, and kicking up her heels.  She was interested in everything and seemed to be thinking about & absorbing all her new experiences like an old pro.

Finally it was time to go, and Sefi walked right onto the trailer and stood calmly while we said our goodbyes and Gesa headed home with the horses.  What a successful first adventure for "baby" Sefi, who is not acting much like a baby at all!  What a great horse she is going to be.

Sefi saying hello to Cricket next door

Rhio & I taking a break while Paco continues to worry about Sefi

Paco finally paying attention & working
Paco & Sefi

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