Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stolen Summer

Rhio's happy to cross the bridge several times to help Tomas conquer this obstacle
Yet another day of stolen summer in October - and we took full advantage of it with a quick jaunt on the snowmobile trail, Tomas' first bridge crossing.  It was very warm today and the boys felt pretty pokey on the way out, but the bridge was a new and scary obstacle for Tomas.  Rhio stepped out confidently across it, each hoof-fall ringing out on the metal grate covering the wooden planks.  "Danger!" screamed Tomas, and he whirled for home.  Rhio & I crossed back to their side, and Christine was able to hand walk Tomas across the scary bridge.  On the other side, she mounted up and rode back across it.  

View of the river as we cross
I am continually amazed by our horses' ability to learn and accept new things so quickly - even things that they initially find so scary.  It is a wondrous thing when a prey animal can trust and follow a predator (us). 

Tomas had opportunity to practice other trail skills, like puddle drinking
We turned back for the trailer, and suddenly the horses were full of vim & vigor!  Racing home induced a little competitiveness between the boys and Christine had several opportunities to exhibit her bronc-riding abilities.  Rhio was a little on edge about Tomas' craziness and dove towards the woods to avoid his antics, making for a less-than-relaxing trip home.  We made it, however, without any major mishaps. Rhio has been loading much better in Christine's trailer, and he'll get another opportunity to practice trailer-loading tomorrow when Gesa & I head out for another ride.  I just can't get enough of this weather!!

Post-ride sweaty

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