Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Fall Colors Between Rhio's Ears

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lounging Around

Warm February sunshine is perfect for lounging - especially on a bed of hay (Rhio's favorite)

Rhio's buddies Cody (in purple blanket) and Winston also lounging around - notice they didn't choose the cushy hay bed that comfort-seeking Rhio did.

A close-up to show how naked his right front foot is - the bell boot did not survive the night!

Although the bell boot was no longer protecting the coronary band wound, the zinc oxide ointment is still there somewhat and he is totally sound.  In fact, we did about 15 minutes of lunging in the arena to get the heart rate up & the blood flowing - and mostly to settle Rhio's mind.  He doesn't like to sit around doing nothing, and 3+ weeks of it now is making him squirrelly.  In fact, I think it's why he's begun tearing his boots off - I think he's doing it with his teeth, just to amuse himself.  

Sound and happy to trot!

Head flipping right out of the photo!

I also climbed aboard my portly old man Cricket for a little ride.  We are stuck inside due to the treacherous ice conditions - just getting horses in from the pasture is dangerous.  But we had a nice little ride, getting back to the feel of it after so much time off on my trip.  

Showing off Cricket's nice round bum!  He was very underweight this time last year, so this sight makes me unbelievably happy.  In fact, he just got his senior feed reduced by 1/3 he's so tubby!

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